We Dress Up as Santa Claus to Send Kids Small Gift

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    Christmas is children's favorite and the most anticipated fesitival, because they believe Santa Claus will drive his sleigh from far away to meet their aspirations and give them gifts. So children are longing for Santa Claus to arrive, and repeatedly ask Mom and Dad: "How Santa Claus come to send me gift? Should we open the door, so he could easily come in?"

    Unfortunately, sometimes parents are too busy to give consideration to little guy's mind. In order not to disappoint some babies again,We worked together with Shenzhen Mumsnet and sponsored 200 pieces gifts (magnetic drawing board and some lovely magnetic toys) to organize joyous and interesting activities "Santa Claus to my garden". Some of our colleagues dressed up as Santa Claus and bring kids pleasant surprise.

    They thrilled with excitement at the sight of Santa Claus and cheering: "Santa Claus!",  "grandpa"... Let us just look at their happy smiling...

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