U&U team celebrate the 70th anniversary of New China

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U&U team celebrate the 70th anniversary of New China
On October 1, 1949, Chairman Mao announced to the world in Tiananmen: The People's Republic of China was established!
In these 70 years, the people of the whole country have worked hard to make a living in a well-off life.
From the establishment of the new China, to the Cultural Revolution, to the reform and opening up, to today;
Despite the twists and turns of the process, the country is growing prosperous and the people live and work in peace.
On September 29, 2019, we gathered in shenzhen Lixin Lake to celebrate the motherland with running.

Fall in love with running and promote sportsmanship.

In order to be healthy and refuse sub-health, we are running!
Adhering to the friendship first, the second concept of the game, we are running!
Today, we are running for ourselves.

Let’s focus on health, fall in love with running, work hard together!

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