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  The novel coronavirus pneumonia,which was spent in 2020,has seriously disrupted our normal work and life rhythm.The delay in the start-up of the enterprise,the staff’s failure to arrive in time,and the safety problems of the on-the-job employees,etc.,made the company spend the first half of the year in a difficult situation.How to survive and develop in such a situation has become a problem that we often need to think about.Through our joint efforts,we actively cooperate with the government to prepare for the resumption of work and production.With the joint efforts of all of you,by the end of June 2020,UNU Magnet has achieved a performance growth rate of 9%。
  In the recent awarding ceremony in the first half of 2020 and the launching meeting in the second half of 2020,the company praised and rewarded the outstanding individuals and outstanding cadres of the enterprise,and commended and rewarded the Sales Champions and sales million heroes of the business departments。
  At the kick-off meeting in the second half of the year,all departments read out the objectives of the second half of the year and determined the action plan for the second half of the year to complete the goals。
  The company conducted a specific ceremony for the employees who have entered the company for 3 years and 5 years-the promotion ceremony for the seniority of the company.UNU Magnet has been established for 14 years.Along the way,there are a number of partners who are inseparable from the team.They have witnessed the development of the company with their actions,and they have adhered to the future of the company。
  In the awarding ceremony,our boss he said that we are willing to be with truth,goodness and beauty.He said that being a person Should be simple,upright,and kind。
  Looking forward to the second half of the year,UNU Magnet Co.,Ltd.has set very challenging goals.In the second half of the year,when there are still many uncertainties,we can only do ourselves well,products,services,and provide customers with more Cost-effective products.In the second half of the year,with the efforts of all of our colleagues,I believe we will be able to achieve very beautiful results.Please believe UNU Magnet,our company product quality is very good and the UNU Magnet and produce the strong magnet to you。
  Come on UNU everybody!!!

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